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Phoebe is another one of those cats sporting a collar that will help visitors recognize her as a potential swatter. In her case the collar is a cheery red one with a bit of bling that sets off her glossy black coat.

What visitors may not know about Phoebe is that she’s actually very fond of people and would welcome a cuddle. What she does not like, and what will set off the bouts of ill temper suggested by the warning collar, is other cats. Unfortunately, at the sanctuary it’s hard to spend time with her without any number of furry interlopers trying to muscle in on the attention she’s getting. And Phoebe is very much the jealous sort who does not play well with others.

But if you can give her a little lap time to herself, you may just be rewarded with this:









For anyone looking for a pretty, furry friend who would be deeply grateful to live in a one-cat household, this is your girl!

Update March 29, 2010 – Phoebe has been adopted!

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