Cat Sanctuary


Pearl is a recent addition to the sanctuary. The words “a sweet, starved young adult” written on the sign outside her cage suggest her story is a sad one.

She came in as an un-neutered stray, too thin to be spayed right away and too thin for anyone to be able to tell that she was pregnant with one little baby… which sadly couldn’t be saved.

There’s a reason that one thing animal welfare groups can all agree on is the importance of spaying/neutering. As a page on the subject from the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association says, “Pet owners must take responsibility for their companion animals by having them spayed or neutered.” It goes on to talk about the various misfortunes that can befall an unsterilized pet, even one intended to be kept indoors, and ends with a reminder that “The safety of both male and female animals is dramatically increased if they are spayed or neutered.

On a happier note, Pearl is now doing very well. She really does have a sweet personality and spent much of my visit with her this evening upside down and purring. With this, her beautiful blue eyes, her luxurious coat and her young age, we’ve every confidence that she’ll be adopted into a nice home very soon after the shelter staff have got her healthy enough to let her go.

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