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Paylan & Marissa

Paylan – KS

This shy boy lives in the single-wide. He isn’t always the biggest fan of human attention and I had not really noticed him until he was in a med cage last year. Fellow Monday-nighter, Kim, told me a bit about him and how he enjoys attention while in the cages, but he seems to forget people aren’t so scary once he’s back out on his own.

Paylan – DW

I have been making an effort to get to know him over the last few months, and he has grown to trust me though he still has his skittish moments. He is a sweet guy who really does love chin scratches once he feels comfortable with you. I’ve even found a little ticklish spot on his neck that gets his back leg scratching like a puppy.

Paylan – KS

Paylan is one of the more full figured cats in the single-wide. He has a very distinctive lower lip and cute little turned up nose.

Marissa – KS

This is Paylan’s Mom, Marissa, checking me out from on top of the cages where she usually hangs out.  She is also a resident of the single-wide, though not nearly as social with people as her boy.

Marissa – MW

She does seem to like being talked to, though, and is willing to give my finger a little sniff just as long as I don’t go in for the full chin scratching.  I’m hoping I can win her over with treats and time.

Marissa (PH) & Paylan (MW)

These two cuties are definitely worth a visit next time you are in the single-wide.
STOP PRESS: Paylan has been discovered to be female (relatively rare in an all-orange cat) and she has been renamed SARAH PAYLAN!
Blog by Katie Scragg
Pictures by Phaedra Hardman, Katie Scragg, Debbie Wolanski and Michele Wright