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For those not in a position to adopt a cat, RAPS has a sponsorship program that allows people to sponsor a cat of their choice for $15 a month. The sponsor receives a photo of their sponsor cat and an open invitation to visit and spend time with him or her. This is a nice option for people who’d like to make a difference for their favorite shelter cat but can’t go the adoption route. It’s also a great way to support those cats who aren’t so clearly adoptable as some…
Take, for example, Panda:
Panda is being sponsored by Ann’s sister Karen, a teacher who has helped fund the care of several cats since her first visit to RAPS a couple of years ago. Ann thought it would be a good idea to sponsor some “less than attractive cats” and would pick them out for her sister. Panda was selected by a vote of sorts: Karen showed the pictures from Ann’s latest “less than attractive cat” quest to her class and based her choice on whichever cat got the biggest “EWW” response from the students. Ann tells me that “Panda was the winner hands down!!!!!”
Here is the picture that did it:
And does Panda’s sponsor share in the aesthetics-only judgment of her students? It would seem not. In an e-mail opening with a greeting of “Cheers from Panda’s Number One Fan”, here’s what Karen had to say:

Well you could write that such a cat would need to get by on personality and not on looks.  Or that a cat with such interesting and and creative markings must have the same attributes when considering wit and intelligence.  But all this sounds high faluting. Panda is just the cutest diddums.  He has such sparkle and shine – memorable and mesmerizing.  He’s a one of a kind and makes me happy just to see him!  I trust my sister whenever she says she has just the cat for me!!!!!!!”

For more information on the RAPS sponsorship program, go to:

Update February 2, 2010: I’m sad to report that Panda is no longer with us as of this morning. She had weakened quickly over the past day or so and, when her condition could not be improved, the RAPS vet ensured she would not suffer.

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