Cat Sanctuary


P.J. is a big, fluffy grey and white fellow who most typically inhabits a tabletop basket in the tea room.

The following was written by Marianne for the RAPS blog in April:

“P.J. just showed up in someone’s back yard one day. The kind home owners put food and water out for him and tried to befriend him, but he was having none of that. With the assistance of RAPS trappers, P.J. was brought to the cat sanctuary where he eventually settled in quite happily. Like Cecilia, [who also became friendly and trusting] he had most likely been abandoned by his former owners. … most cats in such trapped groups never become tame.”

With the tea room being P.J.’s napping place of choice at the moment, he’s not generally a hard cat to find. Warm, sunny days may see him setting up shop on this table outside… just meters away from the tea room door.


PJ and his friends

Updated April 26, 2010: Unfortunately P.J., who was of late living with not only kidney disease but a heart murmur as well, left us this weekend. He will be missed.

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