Cat Sanctuary

Oh, Honey Bear!


This boy with the stunning blue eyes was introduced a couple of years ago when he came in to us – and very little has changed with him since then, except that people keep taking wonderful photos of him – so this week’s blog will be less a blog and more a Honey Bear album.


He’s one of those cats who doesn’t sleep in a nice neat bundle – instead he tends to sprawl untidily –


and sometimes that sprawl overflows his sleeping platform.


Despite his neurological handicap, he loves to climb up high, where he can survey the world.


Even when it’s hot (and we all know that hot air rises), Honey Bear would rather look down at us humans.


When we had the back courtyard pavers replaced, Honey Bear supervised the work very closely.

After all, they were laying this big sand-box just for his use!

Exhausted from all that supervising, two incontinent boys – Honey Bear and Fido – sleeping together.


Honey Bear loves to be out in the back courtyard, exploring.


His favourite toy is a wand toy with a leather tassel, and he leaps and competes with Tyson and any other cat brave enough to join in. If he is lucky enough to get possession of it, he will go running off with Tyson in hot pursuit.


Honey Bear is a striking boy with personality enough for a dozen cats – no wonder visitors always ask about him!
Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Melanie Draper, Vicki Lowe, Karen Nicholson, Lisa Parker, Michele Wright