Cat Sanctuary


A Flickr page of Noelle photos by former (and hopefully future!) RAPS volunteer Barbara Doduk describes Noelle as “a tiny little mushy kitty.”

When Noelle first came to RAPS years ago, surrendered at the age of about 1 1/2 for peeing, staff noted in her file that she was “a funny, hyper cat.” Leslie remembers Noelle as so hyper that she could actually be seen doing flips in her cage.

These days, most people will be more familiar with Noelle as Barbara describes her, unless of course they’ve encountered her when another cat has had the ill manners to encroach on her personal space. At such times, she can be a proper little grouchypants.

It’s also important to observe the correct cuddle protocol when it comes to Noelle, i.e., she must be in the mood. I made the mistake earlier this week of interrupting her perfectly nice cuddle with Brigid to wave my arms at her and flash a camera in her face so I could do this blog post. I thought I could make it up to her by picking her up myself afterward. Noelle thought not, at least not right away.

Updated December 12, 2012: I’m sad to report that we lost Noelle today. She had a personality much larger than her diminutive form and her absence will be keenly felt. Luckily, her dear human friend John was able to spend some time with her on Monday night. Here’s a photo of her enjoying his company from back in the spring.