Cat Sanctuary

Mr. Bojangles

Mr. Bojangles was given his name by animal care worker Catherine when he arrived at RAPS. I haven’t heard why she chose that name, but I like to think it takes some inspiration from the song written by Jeff Jerry Walker and covered by just about everybody else. It just seems to suit him for some reason.

Unusual as it may be, his name is not what Mr. Bojangles is known best for at the sanctuary. This stoic, gentle soul suffers from chronic congestion that volunteers encountering for the first time will often run to tell one of the animal care workers about this tabby they saw wheezing loudly.

Leslie tells me that they’re hoping to look into the possibility of doing a rhinoscopy, similar to what was done on Bree, the Urban Barn cat, in case Mr. Bojangles’ congestion is caused by a growth of some kind. But, as in Bree’s case, this is an expensive undertaking which will take some planning – not to mention funding – to make happen.


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