Cat Sanctuary

Mr. Belvedere

Mr Belvedere came in with the same group of cats that includes Mario and Tawny.


Like Tawny, he was living in the back pens and it was time spent in a cage for medical treatment that helped him bond with the humans at the sanctuary.

He got his name from Leslie’s husband, who was keen to call a cat at the sanctuary Mr. Belvedere. When Mario & Co. were brought in, among them a cat with tuxedo markings suitable for the namesake of the TV butler, Leslie was able to bestow the name as requested.

Although friendly when approached, it’s possible to spend quite some time at the sanctuary without getting to know Mr. Belvedere. I was introduced just the other day after Ann happened to come across him and was so taken by his striking looks that she e-mailed me describing her “face across a crowded room” experience with this cat I just had to meet. Leslie looked all over for him for us (for once he was not hanging out with his buddy Tawny), eventually finding him snoozing on top of the cages in the doublewide.

At first he didn’t look likely to move from his comfy bed, but before long he climbed on out and then it was all purrs and face rubs.


For anyone who hasn’t become acquainted with Mr. Belvedere yet, seek him out. You’ll both be very glad you did.

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