Cat Sanctuary

Morgan (Fairchild)

Morgan has the kind of curly tail you’d expect to see in some breeds of dog but rarely in a cat. 

photo provided by Michele

When she came to RAPS about a year ago, there was already a Morgan living at the sanctuary. The fact that this other Morgan was of the male persuasion led many to refer to curly tailed Morgan as a boy as well, a problem elegantly solved by some by lengthening her name to Morgan Fairchild after the actress, who is also a blonde.


Morgan Fairchild
From Leslie, here’s the scoop on cat Morgan:

“Morgan was surrendered to RAPS because of inappropriate urinating. I’ve never seen her do any such thing (but that doesn’t mean much). When she first came to the sanctuary, she hid beneath her blankets. She seems to like people a lot, but wishes all the other cats would take a hike. For awhile, she was defensively aggressive with them. She’s gradually becoming more tolerant.”

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