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More on Precious

Since arriving at the Sanctuary in the beginning of July last year, Precious has charmed her way into the hearts of many volunteers and staff members.  Surprisingly, considering in appearance she is a nondescript black cat, she is easily identified by her outgoing and playful personality.  Her sweetness and adorably crossed eyes have made her something of a celebrity.  It’s a regular occurrence to see Precious take off from the far end of the double wide, charge out through the laundry room door and down to the back porch in the courtyard at top speed.

Along with being a sprint champion, Precious has claimed one of the red stick toys as her own. When she hears the rustle of the feathers and tinsel on the top she’ll come out from wherever she might be sleeping to play. Once she has won the toy out of your hands she will carry it triumphantly, either out to the back courtyard where you can’t take it back, or into the double wide where she will proceed to stuff it behind a scratching post.

Today, while trying to get pictures of her for the blog post, I ran into the same problems getting her photographer as Claire had in previous entries. She wouldn’t let me stop petting her to take the pictures! At one point she climbed to the top of the scratching post in the double wide so she could put her paws on my chest and kiss my face!

Precious also loves coffee time with the volunteers and can usually be found sitting with somebody lapping up attention or casually strolling around the table getting to know everybody who’s come to visit with her.

photo by Michele Wright

Guest blogger: Julia Ferguson
Photos: Julia Ferguson & Michele Wright