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Moosha (aka Mooshie)

The RAPS website photo page describes Mooshie as energetic, talkative and personable. A nice, friendly, attractive cat with no strange quirks or behavioral oddities, Mooshie still had to wait for a good 6 years before being adopted.

Photo provided by RAPS

Why? No good reason. I was told that for one reason or another, the younger Mooshie just kept getting passed over by potential adopters. Perhaps they were looking for a ginger cat that day, or a longhair, a tabby… And then, as more years went by and Mooshie could be observed contentedly wandering around the laundry room or snoozing in the bathroom in the double wide, shelter staff started to wonder if this cat, now in the 8-9 year old range, could be happy if pulled out of this environment and placed in a strange new one.

And so, when friends of mine came around looking for a someone exactly like Mooshie, they wondered if they were going to have to convince people at the sanctuary to let them take Mooshie home. But home Mooshie went, and I’m pleased to report that this is one happy, well-adjusted cat.

There was a slight change of name – Mooshie is now Moosha – but that doesn’t seem to be cramping the cat’s style. Moosha plays well with their other cat, who is also in the 8-9 year old range, and has quite contentedly replaced the sanctuary bathroom with middle of the large, comfy human bed as the napping spot of choice.

Photo provided by Lisa and Koh

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