Cat Sanctuary

Mocha (Brownie)

It’s not hard to take notice of this pretty girl in the front courtyard.

Somewhat harder is getting handle on her official name. Half the people I talked to call her Mocha, half call her Brownie. Both names describe her unique brownish coat, both have a workable cuteness factor. So which is it? I finally asked Lisa and Catherine and it sounds like Brownie was the first name to be attached to her. This is not widely known though, it would seem, as I was introduced to her as Mocha. And Doug, who’d given her the nickname Brownie on his own, was surprised to find out that this was in fact her name all along.


I’m finding more and more cats at the sanctuary whose name has evolved over time, sometimes with one name giving way to another and sometimes with a couple names going on simultaneously. The cats don’t seem to mind. This whole naming thing is very human and arbitrary anyway, something cats seem to either humor or ignore as nature or mood dictates.

And so, Mocha/Brownie probably won’t like you any less whichever name you choose to think of her by.

She came to RAPS as one of four strays trapped in yard where they’d been hanging out under the porch. Mocha/Brownie was quite shy when she first arrived. She’s a lot more friendly and relaxed now, though she can still be slightly skittish on occasion if approached too quickly or with abrupt movements.