Cat Sanctuary

Miss Kitty

15 year old Miss Kitty was brought to the sanctuary at the end of September.

For many years, this pretty calico stray had been fed by people living in a west Richmond home. Now they are moving, so Miss Kitty has come to live with us.
She’s settled in quite quickly, nestled comfortably on some nice, soft bedding in our seniors section. She seems to understand that’s among friends and can be quickly set to purring and head rubbing with little more encouragement than a smile and a gentle hand.

Updated December 2, 2011:  Not long ago Ann, volunteer and longtime Miss Kitty fan, was finally able to give this sweet old girl the gift of a home to spend her remaining days in. The arrangement was a delight to both. Sadly, the days Miss Kitty had remaining to her turned out to be few in number, so her stay with Ann was a much shorter one than hoped.

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