Cat Sanctuary


Minky is a long time resident of the sanctuary and has come to love it there so much that he doesn’t want to leave.


Gaye tells me he was adopted out some time ago by a university student who had to move around a good deal. Sometimes she was able to take him, sometimes she would ask RAPS to take him for a time. She may have had to go back to Hong Kong, or perhaps there was some concern that the frequent change of living space might be hard on Minky, but in the end Carol suggested it may be for the best if Minky just lived full time at the sanctuary.

More recently, Minky was adopted out again, this time to a volunteer. This volunteer had known Minky for a long time but it was only now that she was able to take in another cat. To what must have been her considerable disappointment, the arrangement only lasted a month or so; Minky unfortunately felt a need to leave his mark around her home in that special way that cats do… He’s not known as a pee-er, nor was this raised as an issue at his first adoptive home. Gaye says that by this time he’d lived at the sanctuary for so long that he just couldn’t adjust to a home environment. And so back he came.

Minky has a couple of physical “quirks” if you can call them that: two different coloured eyes and very sensitive ears. The first will help you tell him apart from other white cats wandering around inside and outside the double wide, the second means that too much time in the sun will give him sunburned ears – I’m told that once he had to be kept inside all summer for just this reason!









And then there’s this thing he does where he curls his tongue into a little “U”… Apparently just because he can.

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