Cat Sanctuary


After meeting Fiona and Schatze, I was eager to meet their brother, Miller.


Debbie described him to me as still feral and listed “climbing the fence in the courtyard” as a pastime he seems to favor. Leslie added her discovery that while he looks scared, he actually enjoys it when she pets him. He also likes cuddling up with his buddy Morgan.

When Debbie and Leslie found Miller so they could introduce him to me on night, he was busy with his face in a nice big plate of wet food, so I didn’t get to see his fence-climbing side or his being petted side. He was so involved in enjoying his dinner that he wasn’t even interested in looking up so I could get a picture of him that wouldn’t just look like any random tuxedo cat eating.

By the time we finally got his attention, he’d had quite enough of us invading his space and scooted off out the cat door. Leslie had a good laugh seeing me zip out the people door and down the stairs in hot pursuit, but I knew if I let him disappear into the dark courtyard without having gotten more than the briefest glance at his face, I’d never manage to find him again on my own.

Luckily for me, Miller didn’t go very far and even let me take a few photos before he’d had enough of me and my camera flash. As for petting, maybe better luck next time.




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