Cat Sanctuary


With the large number of black shorthairs at the sanctuary, it can take a little while (to say the least) to go beyond rather generic impressions of little-black-catdom…

Metis first came to my attention among the various black cats roaming around at cage tops level with a flash of a paw and the sound of a loud slap. I looked up barely in time to see her give Leslie a solid smack in the head. Leslie’s crime? She’d been stroking Metis and had the ill manners to break eye contact and look at someone else.

Some cats are sticklers for receiving a person’s full and undivided attention.

Metis was one of many cats left behind on a farm when the owners moved away. Over the better part of a year, the farm cats were slowly trapped and brought in to RAPS. In the mean time, a couple in a nearby property fed the hungry cats who regularly presented themselves at their back porch. Metis was named in their honour.

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