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Merry Meowy Christmas

Earlier this week, I brought in a holiday bow to see what the cats would make of it:


Charmin: No response. I suspect the ability to ignore being dressed up, decorated and other indiginities is bred into Persians as a survival trait

Daisy: Always happy to pop a pose. She would like to suggest a calendar or series of greeting cards.




Groucho: Amazingly, did not pee on the bow. Did wander over and pee on the rabbits’ cage as soon I was done taking his picture.

Lincoln: Not interested in expending energy on something that doesn’t appear to involve receiving tuna.



Carreen: Responded to the introduction of a large red bow in the way I’d frankly expected most of the cats to do – with an experimental chomp.

Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller

Merry Christmas, everyone, and enjoy the holidays in whatever way makes you happy.

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