Cat Sanctuary

Melting Moggies

There always seems to be a summer period when the heat becomes too much for cats and humans alike.

Figaro & Little Orange melting side by side – DW

For the greater part, activity moves to early morning and evening;  volunteers arriving for cleaning shifts will have the attention of the cats who are still making the most of cooler temperatures; by noon activity has slowed to an amble (except for Pico and Gizmo, who are still young enough to prefer running!) and many cats won’t be seen until 6pm or thereabouts.

Front courtyard flat cats – MW

The preferred technique is to find a comfortable place out of the sun, and lounge in it all day. For the more sociable cats, occasional excursions to visit with friends – feline and human – make a pleasant change, but laps are too warm, heat steals the appetite, and when you have a reputation for sleeping most of the day, you might as well live up to it.

Daniel – MD

Chester – mega-yawn – MW

The gardens offer all sorts of green and cool hiding places.

Dale likes the cool green – PH

And if you’re nimble, you can leap a barrier to find a nice shady space.

Reefer likes tree-shade – JP

Sun is the preference for some cats – though all that fur must soak up a lot of heat.

Deenie sunbathing – KN

No sunscreen for OJ – DW

Water bowls are refreshed morning and evening, and some cats enjoy the movement of a fountain.

Chinook knows the value of hydration – MW

Diablo thinks the rear end should be kept cool too – KN

We source fans from everywhere possible for all the buildings;  some cats seem to like to be close to them, though having one’s fur ruffled is not to everyone’s taste.

Leo as a floppy noodle – KN

Sunday visiting can be a little stressful for cats who just want to be left to sleep through the hot summer days, and we have cats-only areas set aside where they won’t be disturbed.

Tubby Carla likes a nice cool stone pillow – DW

The joy of living near to the coast is that the really hot weather doesn’t last too long, and the cats will soon be on the move again.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Melanie Draper, Karen Nicholson, June Price, 
Phaedra Hardman, Debbie Wolanski, Michele Wright