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Max the Fourth

Over many years of Sanctuary life, we inevitably get some name duplications. For some years we had Max (I) in the Single-Wide – a grumpy boy who didn’t much like other cats, and destroyed his chances of fosterage by persecuting the resident felines. Max (II) was a shy blond FIV+ cat who lived in the New Aids area, and never had a blog to himself, though he appeared as a guest in a couple of other cats’ blogs. I have a memory of another leggy grey Max (III) with a whisky baritone voice, in the Val Jones area. Slightly out of the line of succession was Mad-Max, who by the time I knew him had mellowed out considerably from the wild kitten he was when he came in.

Max II (MD) – MadMax (KN)

Our fifth Max (but fourth in line) came to RAPS as a stray some years ago, and was adopted out.  Sadly, his owner subsequently had to go into care, and Max was returned to us.  This time, adopting him out was not so easy – poor Max has various physical problems including arthritis, osteoporosis and kidney difficulties that require careful oversight and medication when needed.  Max seems to be a grumpy old man, but in fact he’s only about nine years old, and I’m sure it’s his pain that makes him come over that way.

Max – (KN)

Most of the grumpiness is actually with other cats. In the normal way, Max keeps himself to himself,  finding a comfy bed for himself either in the Laundry Room or the Tea Room. There are plenty of places where he can access a space without having to jump; ramps and steps are available in various areas so that less mobile cats like Max and Tugboat can get themselves to a favoured corner.

Stairs help to access his chair – (KN)

Neither cat is capable of jumping on a lap, but both have real talent in asking to be lifted so they can have a snuggle. If he’s not in much pain, Max likes certain people a lot; this evening he followed me all over the back pens as I did the evening scooping, and asked for petting before leaving each hut. Sadly for him, he wasn’t the only one following me around, and did a fair bit of swatting other cats that were getting a little too close to his don’t-touch-me zone.

Enjoying the sunshine – (KN)

When the weather is fine, Max can be found outside soaking in the sunshine;  he will bask in the warmth, which probably feels very good to his aching bones, and wait until the humans have a break and he can find a lap to enjoy a bit of fussing. Like the rest of us, Max has had enough of winter, and can’t wait for days in the sun.

Blog by Brigid Coult 
Photos by Melanie Draper (Max II) & Karen Nicholson (the rest!)