Cat Sanctuary

Marmalade (Marmie)

When Marmie was surrendered to RAPS a few years back, the poor old thing was so scared that Debbie says it was some time before she could venture any contact beyond a tentative touch of fingertip to nose. She persevered, and was in due time rewarded with the privilege of not only touching Marmie, but picking her up for a cuddle. Even now, she says, Marmie’s trust and affection have to be earned.

Leslie says that Marmie used to be such a grump that a lot of people pretty much gave up on trying to make friends with her. It can be hard to keep going back to cats who so clearly don’t want to know you, especially when there are so many other cats who are so happy to receive the attention and affection. But sometimes, for whatever reason, we’ll pick a cat the needs a friend and take on the task with patience a determination to MAKE it work. (Grizzy, anyone?)


Marmie did adjust to life at the shelter, even found herself a few friends. Then last year came along and she wasn’t having such a good time of it. First, she wound up with a broken tail, which had to be amputated down to a stubby little thing. And then, it seemed like she’d no sooner been able to heal enough that she could be let out of her cage when she got an infection in her foot which needed treating and back into the cage she went.

This year seems to be treating her much better. Hanging out in the doublewide and accepting any pats I send her way, she’s looking pretty good for a cat in the neighborhood of 15 years old. Even if she does have a strange talent for getting tufts of her own fur stuck to her nose and mouth like a messy beard and mustache….

… which, yes, we do help her out with.