Cat Sanctuary


This eye-catching girl was named for Marie Malinoski, who manages the RAPS Thrift Store together with her husband Ed.

RAPS Thrift Store, 140-8260 Granville Avenue, Richmond, photo provided by RAPS

Cat Marie’s hanging out spot of choice is usually in the laundry room of the double wide, particularly on the counter across from the sink, but when the mood takes her she’s been known to venture out into the back courtyard.

Marianne describes her as a cat who is “kind of crabby but likes being held for short periods” and advises that you “keep her face and front paws pointing away from you to avoid nips and swipes.”

A luxurious coat like Marie’s with its super-fine fur requires a good deal of maintenance to keep it from developing uncomfortable mats. Unfortunately, Marie barely tolerates even a bit of brushing and “no way will she allow scissors near her for mat removal.” And so Marie has to be shaved now and again. The good news is that “after a shave and a haircut, she’s a lot more laid back – until the knots start to form again.”

Marie with a “lion cut,” photo provided by Marianne

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