Cat Sanctuary


I first met this little calico back in December. She was investigating Marianne’s shoes at the time – Marianne having temporarily ditched them so she could climb in with a caged cat who was in serious need of some proper snuggling.

Once we were introduced, Mandy readily gave up shoe inspection for the opportunity to have a little cuddle time herself.

From what Marianne tells me, this pretty much sums up Mandy’s personality. She’s known to be “super-friendly, likes to cuddle and fall asleep on laps.”

Photo provided by Marianne

So why hasn’t she been snapped up for adoption?
“She’s been at the shelter for quite a few years and has always been friendly, so I don’t know why she hasn’t been taken home by someone yet.” 

She’s not a pee-er like Andy, is she?
“As far as I know, she’s not a pee-er, and is well-mannered and healthy.”

Problems with other cats, perhaps?
“I’ve never seen her cuddled up with any one cat (or cats), but have never seen her in a squabble with any either.”

Hmmm… it sounds like what we have here is a pretty little girl just waiting for somebody to love.

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