Cat Sanctuary

Mama Mia

Mama Mia was brought to RAPS along with Dinky and her other offspring when the people who’d been putting out food for them in their yard could no longer do so.

Initially housed together with her family in the feral-friendly BC Packers Pen in the rear of the sanctuary, Mama Mia was later moved inside to the Singlewide where she can currently be found.









With the same ongoing ear problems as her son, Dinky, Mama Mia recently had to have a portion of her ear removed just like he did. When I photographed her a little over a week ago, she was still wearing her cone from the vet. Though understandably not delighted about the situation, she bore it with good grace.

Mama Mia had become quite tame for the woman who’d been putting food out for her at her home and given her and her kittens their names, but it still took Mama Mia a little while to get used to her new human friends at RAPS. Linda remembers her as quite mistrustful at first. Trust was earned, though, and now Mama Mia very much enjoys being brushed and having her head rubbed.


Even with her new RAPS friends, Mama Mia never forgot the people who’d first welcomed her and her little family and given them a safe haven. When the son of the woman who used to feed them came to the sanctuary to visit, Mama Mia remembered him and was delighted to see him.

It still takes her a few moments to really warm up to people she doesn’t know, but only a few moments. A soft voice and a gentle hand, and she’s bestowing little headbutts in no time.

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