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Mama Jane

This post is a cheers to our Mama Jane, who happily went to a loving foster home this week.

Since my feeding shifts are in a different part of the sanctuary, although I’d met her on a few occasions, I mostly knew Mama Jane as one of the cats my friends Vincent and Ayako particularly liked to visit. I didn’t even know her name for the first little while, as Vincent often called her by the nickname of “Mature Cat”. Lovely she is, but our girl is not a young one.

When I was curious for a little background about Mama Jane, Leslie told me that she was named for a RAPS volunteer who “responded to a request to capture 4 cats from a yard in Burkeville”, and “Mama”was added because someone thought she might be the mother of the other cats in the yard. But, adds Leslie,

“The other three look pretty old too. Maybe they’re all sisters.  

When they arrived at the shelter, all were terrified and seemed feral.  They had upper respiratory infections that keep coming back.  While they were still in a cage, we noticed that Mama Jane had sores on her back.  It was necessary for me to touch her in order to apply ointment to her sores.  She responded to my touch by putting her bum up, but remained very timid. When we released them from the cage, they all stayed as high up and far away from people as possible.  I knew there was hope for Janey, so I started offering treats to her.  She began to trust me and started to come down from the shelving.  I was gradually able to pet her more and more, and then to pick her up.  When I held her, she relaxed in my arms like a baby.  She was still afraid of other people, though, so I introduced her to some of the volunteers and staff, asking them to pet her while she was in my arms.  Before long, she was trusting and friendly toward everyone, following people around the building, leaning on their legs and posing a real trip threat.”
 “Janey” won the heart of one of the Saturday volunteers, who, after much eager anticipation by all, got to take her home just the other day. I hear that she’s settling in nicely and enjoying some quality lap time. Thanks to Erin and congrats to Mama Jane!
Updated December 11, 2009: 
“I went to visit Mama Jane in her new home yesterday.  She’s so happy, and Erin says they were meant to be together.  They live in a very nice condo in Vancouver and Janey has a lovely bed in front of the gas fireplace.  She was really glad to see me and as precious as ever.  It was hard to say goodbye again.”

– Leslie

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