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Loved and Lost in 2017

Owl – waiting hopefully for chicken (March 2017)

I think we all know what it feels like to say farewell to a beloved pet – especially when we have to take the final loving steps with them at the vet’s office. We all have favourites at the Sanctuary, and we grieve when the word is passed that one of them has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Sadie enjoying the sun (Aug. 2017)

Many of the Sanctuary cats have lived here for years, and an aging population brings increased vet bills, as well as sorrow for all of us when there is nothing the vets can do.

Treacle was full of “tortietude” (June 2017)

I try to celebrate life at the Sanctuary in the Neko-blog, but there are times we need to look back and remember the cats we’ve loved and lost.

Sweet Piper didn’t like other cats much, but she had many human friends (Oct. 2017)

During our summer volunteer party we take time to read the list of the cats that have passed in the previous year, and the well-known legend of the Rainbow Bridge. It’s a moment that is named for raggedy Chance who passed several years ago, and there are always tears and fond memories.

Dekka liked to be tucked away on her shelf (Feb. 2017)

So, as we end the year, here’s a last look at some of our feline friends who passed in 2017, with love.

“Belly-rub” Bobby had a big fan-club (Oct 2017)

Laredo was another loner… (July 2017)

Marmalade always looked so worried… (Dec 2017)

Salty (centre) was a cat-magnet. (Sept 2017)
Ridley (left) misses him and Sid (right) (Dec 2017)

Cheetah has gone to be with his best friend, Silverfox (Aug.2017)

Deety was an icon at the Sanctuary –
and lived most of his life on HIS shelf in the Double-Wide (Oct 2017)

Freckle was another chickaholic (Oct.2017)

Elliott was always one of the greeters at the front gate (April 2017)

I need to acknowledge the burden carried by the Sanctuary med staff – every cat that passes, passes in the care of someone who accompanies them to the vet on that last journey, reminding them about how much they are loved.  For every cat we lose, there are more waiting to come in – cats with medical conditions, or cats who have lost their owners to illness, feral cats who might finally come to accept human touch, or cats with behaviour issues. And without forgetting the ones who have gone, hearts will be opened up to care for a new clowder of cats who need us.
Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Michele Wright