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Back in July of 2009, The Richmond Review cover story was an article with the headline Animal group pushes for pet sale ban. The article featured a purebred Cocker Spaniel named Christopher and a purebred Persian named Logan, both of whom ended up at the RAPS No. 5 Rd. shelter.

Logan; Christopher, from photos by Mark Patrick

It’s an interesting piece, highlighting both the shelter’s concern over the not insubstantial number of pet store purchases who are later (or sometimes sooner) abandoned, and the founder of a pet store chain who felt the problem lies not with pet stores, but with puppy mills and other such unscrupulous dispensers of pets. The pet store spokesman insisted his staff are well-trained and make sure to educate the customer on their pet purchase. “I don’t think people would spend $2,000 just for impulse buying from our store.” the article quotes him, as saying. “I don’t see that at all.”One would hope not to see that. But then, a purchase doesn’t necessarily have to be a whim for it to be unwise. Even if the seller does make an effort to explain all the responsibilities and challenges of ownership, is it always possible to know for sure that the prospective owner is paying more attention than most people do when they scroll through all the terms and conditions that websites often require people to agree to when making online purchases?

Logan and another Persian, Luke, were purchased at $1,800 for the pair. Just three days later, they were surrendered to RAPS. Did they shed on a suede sofa? Not cuddle on demand? Get Fancy Feast residue stuck to their little pink noses after eating?
Who knows?

Luke was fortunate enough to get adopted from the shelter. For Logan, still looking for a forever home after the initial three day tease, the wait was just too long. After a lengthy sojourn at the No. 5 Rd. shelter, the 4 year old began to express his bitter disappointment in the medium of pee. Now he’s at the sanctuary, which will in all likelihood be his permanent home.

Logan is – has become – one heck of a grump. When Ann tried to introduce me to him, he growled almost nonstop for the whole time we had the gall to invade his cage. No swatting or biting, which I appreciated, only glares and growls aplenty. I went back a couple of days later, armed with a bag of cat treats. This earned me an audience, but only for roughly 10 seconds after the consumption of a treat was I allowed to continue any laying on of hands. After that, it was back to the grumpy growls.

Ah well, I think he’s earned the right to a few rotten moods.

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