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Lincoln (II)

This is our second cat with the name Lincoln. He has a beautiful face and no qualms whatsoever about using it to his advantage to obtain an extra large and preferably repeated helping of any fish that might be going around.

I find it interesting that some cats prefer poultry while others are more into fish. Zulu loves chicken so much that he’s been known to steal a huge chunk meant for a number of cats out of a volunteer’s hand and then to promptly make an idiot out of himself by trying to wolf the whole thing down before anyone can stop him.

Lincoln, on the other hand, is a tuna fiend.

He’s discovered that he can sucker Gaye into giving him multiple morsels of the tuna she brings to feed some of the ailing cats by balancing on the edge of a couple of litter boxes and peering in the converted cage used to store and prepare meds.

And of course it’s almost impossible to turn him away when he’s so successful at being equal parts adorable and hilarious.

A song for Lincoln: The Andrews Sisters’ Hold Tight… and not because the title fits the image above (though it does), but because it’s a great song for the fish aficionado:






I like oysters, lobsters too, 
I like my tasty butter fish, fooo
When I come home late at night 
I get my favorite dish, fish 

Hold tight, hold tight, a-hold tight, hold tight 
Fododo-de-yacka saki
Want some seafood mama
Shrimps and rice they’re very niiiiiiiiiiiiice

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