Cat Sanctuary

Lilo & Noel

8 year old Lilo and 2 year old Noel came to RAPS as a pair, surrendered by a young woman whose circumstances were such that she could no longer afford to keep them. I hear she originally adopted the two girls from the No. 5 Road Shelter, so they are in a sense coming back to RAPS. The sanctuary is entirely new to them though, so they will take some time to adjust.

Noel, the younger of the two, is an alert, purring, wriggling ball of happy who is settling in remarkably quickly when you consider they only arrived last Saturday.

Lilo has a quieter sort of sweetness about her at the moment. She was willing engage me and allowed me to stroke her at length… but only from the inside of her carrier. I’ve heard she’s also taking out some of her frustration on Noel, so that both cats had to be given their own sets of dry food and water dishes in different parts of the cage or Lilo wouldn’t let Noel get at the food. It takes time for an 8 year old cat who’s just lost her home and her human.

Updated November 23, 2010: I’m delighted to report that Lilo and Noel have been adopted by one of our volunteers!

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