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Like Families

This week’s blog comes to us from volunteer Pauline Chin

Little Simone, with her big boy, Bantam – MW

On occasion we receive cats who are related to each other.  There are siblings Honeybear and Honeybun, Pancake and his mom, Autumn, Simone with her son, Bantam, siblings Miller and Fiona, and brothers Pogo and Tommy.

Gigi & Kermit – MD

Most of these related cats are not bonded, yet they’ve somehow found family-like companionship with other cats.  Black cats Jay-Z, Fable, Eclipse, Kermit, and Gigi were trapped at Rusty’s Towing.  Being the oldest, Eclipse may be the father. The other cats are all within a year of age of each other.

Mya and Kirstie – BC

Siblings Kirstie and mustached Mya came in together.  Their cow cat relatives Yma and Hillie were also from the same composting facility.

Pops & Sparrow – BC

Our newest family edition is father and son pair, Pops and Sparrow.  They traveled all the way from the US (with a short stay in the Okanagan).  They currently reside in the side room of the Moore House.  Visitors can say hi to them through the covered deck.  Peachy coloured Pops is 5 years old and black Sparrow is 1. They groom each other, play together, share the same beds, and are truly bonded.

Horatio, Yogi and Wobbly Bob snuggle nose-to-tail – VL

Unrelated to each other, we have the Double-Wide couch buddies.  The current line up includes Colin, Horatio, Wobbly-Bob, Fido, Yogi, Chatter, CB Lincoln, and Squeakers.  They love napping on the couch, especially on cooler days. If there are humans around, Orlean, Dazzle, and Huey will appear.

The Dryer Gang – at capacity – MW

Most people are familiar with the Dryer Gang in the single-wide.  If you’re not, then the core group is Bantam, Simone, Belinda, Zoe, and Little Mama.  Sometimes others like Dodger and Diablo will join in.  The most I’ve seen was 7 cats piled on each other. The dryer warmth and vibrations bring a sense of calm.  Every cat is welcome to be there. Once in a while, ailing cats will hop on and receive care from the others.

Terra staring the competition down – MW

It’s funny how so many cats can fit on a single dryer, but in the double-wide, only 1 cat is allowed on the dryer at a time.  Terra does not like to share.  Emery hates other cats.  Cole prefers his own space.  If any of these cats can’t have the dryer, then they’ll nap on the window sill, or in the pile of clean towels.  It’s a free re-fuzzing service for the freshly washed blankets.

Double-wide deck crew – VL

Out on the deck where the ferals roost, Benji, Bubbles, Ringo, Smudge, Joleen, and Lil share the mattress. These ferals treat each other like long lost family.  No squabbling; just quiet company. Only humans are unwelcome, as almost everyone will scatter if we approach them. However, the Tea Room offers a back side window-view of everyone without disturbing their peace.

Snuggling under the heat lamp – DW

Regardless of background, the cats who live here can choose to make family-like connections. There’s no judgment on appearances, age, or disabilities. Once they’re accepted, they’re friends for life. Even the most feral arrivals have a soft side and will seek out company at some point, even the company of humans.

Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Brigid Coult, Melanie Draper, Vicki Lo, Debbie Wolanski, Michele Wright