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And so we wrap up what has turned into Cats Who End in Y-sound Week here at the Neko blog…

Today’s poster girl is Lexi, who’s been quoted as saying “Am I not the prettiest girl at the shelter?”

I’d noticed Lexi around the shelter – a beautiful coat like that can’t fail to catch your attention – but didn’t get a chance to really interact with her until fairly recently.





This was the almost immediate result:
Soft and warm, purring and wriggling. It’s baffling that she should have come to us in much the same way Tilley did (and frankly baffling in Tilley’s case as well).

From Leslie (originally published in The Love Blog in July, 2009):

“Our beautiful girls, Tilley and Lexi, have similar stories. Both were surrendered to RAPS by people who no longer wanted them, once they’d had kittens. Sometimes, for reasons that we can’t comprehend, people will give up their adult cats and keep their kittens. People who aren’t capable of bonding with their pets, but are temporarily attracted to cute, young animals, shouldn’t have pets.”
Updated September 17, 2010: I’m sad to report that we lost Lexi yesterday. This was not expected and came as quite a shock to us all.

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