Cat Sanctuary

Letting Sleeping Cats Lie

When Sunday guests arrive for the first time, almost inevitably they will ask “Can I take pictures?” and the cell phones come out and start clicking away.  Staff and volunteers also have cell-phones to hand – sometimes to try and verify the identity of yet another black cat, sometimes to catch an exchange between cat and human – and always to watch for that moment where, even in sleep, the cat’s personality shines through.

This week’s blog is a sampling of sleeping cats from Michele, Phaedra and Moira – and undoubtedly there will be more to come…

The Stretch

Elliot loves this position on the front steps on a sunny day. (ML)

Emily has recently taken to being an indoor-only cat (MW)

The Ball

Cheetah is long and lanky, but loves to sleep all curled up (MW)

Mikey is our blind cat who still manages to find his way to the med cage for treats.

His curl-up sleeping positions tells other cats “Don’t bug me!” (MW)

The Sprawl

We all have pictures of Fred in one or another of his inelegant sleeping positions (PH)

The Sun-Seeker

Though usually a bathroom cat, Baby enjoys the chance to catch a few rays (PH)

The Box

Baloo is not a fan of other cats – and is never happier than when she can curl up in a box alone (MW)

The Face-Plant

Sadie has obviously had an exhausting day exercising her claws on everybody’s pants legs (MW)

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Phaedra Hardman, Moira Langley & Michele Wright