Cat Sanctuary


Larkin arrived at the cat sanctuary at the end of April, but I’ve been waiting to post about him as he’s been making a lot of progress from how he was when he arrived.

Initially, it was unclear whether Larkin was feral, as he was so frightened of people. He’d had one of his ears tipped, indicating that someone had trapped, neutered, and released him. Our vet thinks he’s around one or two years old.

Larkin started off hiding in a small cage draped with a towel sitting inside his large walk-in cage, then gradually worked up to peering out the main cage door at cats and humans going by.

He was quite curious about the cats, but any human coming to close would send him diving back into his hidey hole. Soon a note appeared on the sign on his cage door describing him as “timid but very affectionate.”

Sanctuary staff then moved him to a new cage where he could be more out in the open and check out what everyone around him was doing. After that, he really started to gain confidence. He now loves being patted and is an enthusiastic player.

In fact, he now not only permits human contact, he actually makes quite an effort to get our attention!