Cat Sanctuary


Wait, that’s not a cat!

The cat sanctuary is in fact home to 800-900 cats plus one rabbit. I first introduced Kringle in the blog back in March, a guest appearance in the post on Buddy, a tabby fond of sitting by the rabbit cage.

Kringle was brought from the No. 5 Rd. shelter at the beginning of the year as a companion to Amy. We lost Amy to a tumor a little while back, something which Kringle appeared to sense the existence of before anyone else could tell – he’d taken up licking her forehead near the spot where the tumor turned out to be with such vigor that he wore all the fur off!

Now Kringle’s on his own. His cage, formerly in the doublewide, has been moved outside for the summer where he can enjoy warm summer breezes and be put in the path of sanctuary visitors who’ll give him some love.



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