Cat Sanctuary


Nine-year old Koi, a chubby calico and white girl, was surrendered to RAPS’ City Shelter in early 2014 and transferred to the Moore Trailer at the Cat Sanctuary about a year later.  Presumably, Koi was given her name because she has a koi-fish shape and colouring and sometimes has a slightly fish-like vacant look about her. [Phaedra disagrees: “She’s not vacant; she just wants to be loved and made to feel special!”]

She was surrendered by owners who were no longer able to look after her without risking injury to themselves or to Koi. You see, Koi has an unfortunate habit of following closely (very closely!) behind you and than parking her rather large self on the floor right behind your feet. It’s tricky enough for a nimble person to avoid turning around and falling over, or on top of, a cat disguised as a small footstool but it’s a definite health hazard for anyone not quite so steady on their feet.

Once settled in her chosen spot, either snugged up to your heels or against a door that you’re trying to open, Koi doesn’t take kindly to being moved. Any attempt to do so will be met with resistance and an irritated little growl. She may have some neurological issues or maybe she’s just very insecure and wants to be close enough for company and attention. She likes to be talked to and stroked.

Fortunately for everyone’s safety, Phaedra discovered that, if a comfy bit of bedding is placed on the floor for her, Koi will settle down on it instead of parking herself in harm’s way. Her favourite spots are in front of the kittens’ room, or by the screen door where she can feel the breeze Not totally successful, but worth a try to avoid too many unhappy accidents.

Whatever the reason for her odd habits, Koi is a very special lovable cat who wants company, and doesn’t seem to share the same diva-like personality of most of her roommates in the Moore trailer.

Blog by Marianne Moore
(with comments from Phaedra Hardman)
and photos by Brigid Coult & Marianne Moore