Cat Sanctuary


Kayleigh came from Annacis Island as a kitten some years ago, along with two siblings. He and I were formally introduced today, thanks to him being confined to a cage in the doublewide while he takes a course of meds for an ear wound. After a couple of meows, though, I realized we had in fact met before.

Kayleigh’s assigned area of the sanctuary is the front courtyard, but his favorite place seems to be on the landing at the top of the stairs leading into the singlewide. There, anyone passing between the newcomers’ area and the singlewide proper will be treated to a burst of high pitched, almost comically desperate meows as he vies for attention, affection, food…. anything you’ve got, really.

Now that he’s temporarily caged, Kayleigh’s putting the meows of desperation to good use as he tries to pretend his solid frame is just an illusion and that he is in fact a poor skinny thing who could really use an extra helping or three. In the end, Leslie begged me to just give the cat some food so he’d be quiet for long enough for her to concentrate on dispensing meds for a few minutes. And with Kayleigh’s friendly face, rakish set of his right ear and eagerness to dance around his cage in return for even a little attention, it wasn’t too hard to cave in and give him what he wanted.


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