Cat Sanctuary

Katie (III)

Katie is a tiny little black girl with a white mark on her chest who lives in the Connor.


According to her file, when she arrived at the sanctuary in 2007, she was only 7-8 months old, unspayed, and possibly pregnant. For the next few years, she behaved like a shy feral and has little exposure to humans as possible. Consequently, no one knew what her name was until she had to be brought inside for a dental in 2010.

These days, while still not exactly confident around people, she’s comfortable enough to accept, and even enjoy, some gentle strokes and chin tickles.

She likes climbing into empty cages in the Connor and hanging out there on the shelves. That’s how I met her this week, going in to visit Cozy and wondering who the little girl sitting in the cage with him was. She didn’t take a whole lot of convincing to let me pat her, and before long she was happily rubbing her face all over my hand.

Outside the cage, though, she’s suddenly much less secure, running away (albeit not very far) if approached. Looks like she’s still got a bit of a way to go before she truly trusts us.

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