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Just Good Friends

Just as with people, there are extroverts and introverts in the cat world; cats who love company and those who hate it. I introduced some of the “I vant to be alone” cats in the Garbo Cats blog, and more of the devoted couples in the Valentines blog. Today’s blog introduces some of the front courtyard cats that can often be found together.  They’re not bonded pairs, like Diamond and Garfield, or Adam and May. But they are cats who can often be found sharing a bench or a bed; cats who obviously feel easy in each other’s company.

Little Orange – MW

Little Orange (I don’t know if there was ever a Big Orange) is a friendly boy with a crumpled ear, and the softest coat of fur. On Sundays he anxiously waits for Allison to arrive, and has just started venturing onto her lap. He’s a calm cat, and obviously attracts more skittish friends; he’s a particular favourite of wee Marilee, who is more open to being touched by human hands when she’s cuddling with him.

Sylvester – anticipating treats! – ML

Sylvester used to be a very shy boy and is gradually coming to realise that nobody will harm him; he has started to join the crowd at the gates, and is a big fan of Temptations (but not of chicken or tuna). He’s not progressed to laps yet, but leg-rubbing is a favourite. This Sylvester is not to be confused with a much larger cat of the same name who used to live in the Moore House (Gericatrics)

Sylvester & Little Orange hanging out together – MW

Spencer – MW

Spencer is another cat who’s still quite shy, though he’s lived with us for some time. He has a hard time when food is being handed out; he doesn’t like to take tidbits from fingers, and when you put a treat down in front of him, someone more determined (usually Jake) often pushes in to get it.

Lancelot sitting on Puffin’s favourite perch – BC

His buddy Lancelot is a relative newcomer, and is also shy; he suffers somewhat from Black Cat syndrome in spite of his magnificent coat – he’s sometimes confused with Cooper in the Connor, and since she is a Nasty Cat, I think people are wary of Lancelot.  He tends to hang out in the area just outside the single-wide, which is often missed by visitors, and he’s often found sharing the papasan chair with Spencer.

Lancelot & Spencer – BC

Gilbert – MW

Gilbert is a quiet sweet boy who is one of my own favourites – and of several other volunteers as well. It’s hard to believe that 5-6 years ago he was hiding on a shelf and refusing to come down; now he happily hops up on the laps of the people he loves.

Dirky – MW

Dirky is not as quiet and sweet as Gilbert – in fact, he can be downright pushy with cats like Leland, though he’s not the scrapper he used to be. He suffers from skin cancers on his ear, which occasionally need to be nipped off, so unfortunately he’s no longer as handsome as he was. We still love him, though.  With his human friends, he’s always glad to be offered a lap and a little attention; if that’s not available, a cuddle with Gilbert is quite acceptable!

Gilbert & Dirky – BC

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Moira Langley, Michele Wright