Cat Sanctuary


Early in my volunteer poop career at the sanctuary, I stepped out of my car and noticed a streak of cat fur race by me into the bushes. Worried that we had an escaped cat-vict on the loose, I reported what I saw to Leslie. Leslie assured me that there are a few feral cats that like to hang out around the sanctuary but don’t live in the sanctuary. RAPS cat wanna-be’s I guess, but too shy accept an invitation. Leslie pointed out the “food stations” set up for these independent cats around the parking lot. Now, after many months driving in week after week, it seems to me that most of the “cats” I see enjoying a free dinner at the feeding stations bare a striking resemblance to Pepe Le Pew.

That was until one sunny evening when a handsome tabby cat came out to greet me on my arrival with an enthusiasm that was almost overwhelming. We hung out for a bit and puss was practically doing back flips when I stroked him. What had I done to deserve such a welcome?

This cat I later found out was Jordy, who in fact did hold residence at the sanctuary in the past but managed to convince the staff after a multitude of inexplicable escapes that he should be allowed to live outside the chain link fence permanently. Jordy, it seemed, was miserable on the inside – never quite fitting with the rest of the cats and had even the victim of occasional cat bullying. He now considers the parking lot and Doug’s shed to be his home. Impossible to know why animals will cast out one of their own; it’s an unfortunate part of life, even in our little kitty haven.

So the next time you’re pulling in to the sanctuary parking lot, drive slowly and keep an eye out for this little sweetheart. Not to worry about Jordy though, he’s got it all worked out – life on the outside is not too bad.


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