Cat Sanctuary


Some cats, like Cookie or Zulu, thrive in a shelter environment. Some cats, like Jingles, do not.

This much is known:

What does this give us? One angry-at-the-world kitty.

Staff and volunteers try to spend a little extra time with cats who, for one reason or another, need to be confined to a caged area rather than allowed to roam around the grounds. While the other tame cats generally look forward to the attention with great pleasure, Jingles just has too much pent up frustration to give up the opportunity to blame her predicament on the nearest swattable limb.

Hence the “be careful” on the sign…
Right now, Jingles hates just about everybody.

Interestingly, everyone seems to understand that she’s not really a mean cat at heart. She’s just the kind of cat who’s meant to be in a human family home and not a feline group home. It’s sad and frustrating, though, that the more antisocial she behaves, the less likely a visitor is to choose to adopt her over other, more sociable cats.

I still visit her whenever she’s the least bit amenable, determined to at some point get a purr out of her that’s an indication of contentment and not just a reaction to the stress of her environment.

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