Cat Sanctuary


A number of years ago, a several 4-5 month old kittens were trapped near the airport and brought to RAPS, Jenna-fur among them. Tame early on and striking-looking with her splashes of ginger amid the tabby markings, Jenna-fur had no trouble being adopted.

The family she went to along with another adopted kitty rented out a suite in their home, with which they shared a laundry area. The tenant at the time also had cats, indoor-outdoor cats, and habitually left a window open in the suite so they could come and go.

You can perhaps guess where I’m going with this…

Indeed, Jenna-fur happened to get into the laundry area one day, and was soon gone out the window. RAPS was informed, and and came out to set a trap. The owners were asked if they could help out by putting food out to encourage Jenna-fur to stay in the area, but they were reluctant to risk the side effect of encouraging raccoons to hang around. Jenna-fur was gone for three nights. Leslie told me that she and Carol were on the verge of giving up when, at last, Jenna-fur went into the trap.

They brought her back to the sanctuary, where she’s been ever since.

Her wide-eyed expression if you catch her unawares may fool you into thinking she’s not particularly tame and likely to swat or bolt (or one then the other), but don’t let it.

She is tame and does want to know you. She may even start following you around in hopes that you’ll keep the love and cuddles coming.

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