Cat Sanctuary


I was introduced to Jemima earlier this week by her human friend and fan, Kim.

Since posting¬†Zanda’s story, I’ve talked with various people at the sanctuary about how we feel we should try to befriend some of the black cats who are always being overlooked. Kim introduced Jemima as her chosen black cat.

Jemima came to the sanctuary from the No. 5 Road shelter after test results showed exposure to coronavirus (CoV). This is apparently not uncommon in shelter cats. However, a mutated form of CoV can lead to Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which is fatal.

Added to the fact that Jemima’s coat colour already puts her lower on the list of cats potential adopters are likely looking for, the possibility – even a remote one – of health problems down the road made shelter staff decided she may be a better candidate for the sanctuary than the adoption centre.

Jemima is an absolutely delightful little cat and I’m really glad to have met her. I was worried we wouldn’t recognize each other when I went to find her on my own, but when I looked for her on the back porch of the singlewide, she soon came running out to greet me.

After that, the biggest challenge was getting a photo of her that didn’t feature my feet as she repeatedly danced and wove her way around my ankles. Kim’s had similar difficulties: “Hard to take photos when she’s on my lap.” she says.


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