Cat Sanctuary

Jax (a.k.a. “Jackie”)

Jax (a.k.a. “Jackie” – because we already had a tabby/white Jax) is one of those tiny cats who, although fully grown at almost three years old, still looks like a kitten. I’m not sure if that’s because she had a litter of kittens while still young herself or not. Whatever the reason, she won’t get any bigger!

Before coming to RAPS, Jax alternated between two homes and, during that time, began to show signs of unpredictable aggression. Perhaps she was confused or frustrated, not knowing where her real home was – who knows?  Fortunately, her owner found RAPS and Jax was surrendered to RAPS’ City Shelter. She was adopted from there twice and returned shortly after both times because of her anti-social behaviour.
During renovations at the City Shelter last year, Jax was transferred, along a with a few other cats, to the Cat Sanctuary. This was supposed to be a temporary stay but, because her behaviour didn’t improve, it was determined that her chances of being adopted were not great, so she’s stayed at the Sanctuary.

Over the past year, cute little Jax has become a much nicer cat!  She’s less likely to lash out unexpectedly and will sometimes gently paw a visitor’s leg for attention. She enjoys (okay, maybe “tolerates” is a better word) being picked up and held up to the window where she can look out onto the activities in the front courtyard. Just recently, she even climbed on to my lap and was I honoured with a few “head bonks”. Despite several such cozy moments with her lately, I’m still waiting to hear her purr.

Jax’s favourite spot is at the base of one of the tall scratching posts, with her back safely up against the outside of a cage wall. She’s definitely not keen to mingle with the other cats in her area.

Despite her shyness, Jax is one of the most playful cats in the Single-Wide trailer. She’ll play for hours with a catnip pillow or toy mouse and will happily chase a mop, a string toy or, her favourite, a laser light. She’ll chase that for as long as someone is willing to wave it around and will then spend twenty minutes afterward searching for it!

have no doubt that, given a bit more time and lots of reassuring love, Jax will become a very nice little cat. And maybe even start to purr! Then, with a better attitude, she could still find a forever home.

Blog and photos by Marianne Moore