Cat Sanctuary


Largely thanks to the work of RAPS, Richmond has less of a feral cat problem than many other municipalities across the country. For years we have been doing a TNR (Trap Neuter Release) program, ensuring that cat colonies do not grow. Sometimes cats cannot be released again because of development in their territory, but there are still many “wild” areas where cats can be found.

feeding site – photo, Kevin Wolanski

Several RAPS volunteers look after cat feeding sites in such areas,  putting out fresh food and water for the cats living there. They keep a close watch on these feral and stray cats, noting if any of them require any special care or if a newcomer has arrived in their midst.

photo, Michele Wright

Imagine their surprise when, on one of these regular visits to a feeding site, they saw a beautiful Siamese cat resting nearby in her cat bed!   Who knows what brought her owners to the decision to dump her there but her guardian angel must have been watching over her that day! Fortunately, the volunteer who looks after the feeding site found her before a dog, a raccoon or someone who doesn’t like cats did –  the little waif  turned out to be 17 years old and quite deaf!  She wouldn’t have been able to hear danger approaching and might have met a horrible end. Instead, she was scooped up by the horrified volunteer, checked out and brought to the safety of the Moore trailer at RAPS’ cat sanctuary, where she now rejoices in the name of “Jamaica”.

photo, Michele Wright

Apart from being elderly, deaf and a just a bit frail, she’s a healthy little thing and is ever so friendly. Like most Siamese cats, she can be pretty chatty but so far her only complaint is when her tail is touched – she doesn’t seem to like that very much. She’s still very wary of the other cats so is being introduced to a few of them gradually.

photo, Marianne Moore

She’s sure to have some interesting encounters with some of the other “divas” in the Moore trailer but she’ll have a cage to herself as long as it takes for her to accept her new surroundings and roommates.

Guest blogger: Marianne Moore