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Introducing Another Cat Family

Recently Marianne wrote a blog about Morticia, who hangs out in Waldie’s Hut, in the back courtyard. Shortly after, Phaedra FaceBook-posted a picture of Morticia with one of Moxie – two cats she said she’d confused for some time (and now finally had them sorted).
Moxie was a new name to me – I needed to investigate!
I was pretty focused on finding grey Sylar, but as I hunted round the back courtyard, I kept encountering this handsome tuxedo, who, while not terribly friendly, at least accepted petting and treats.
Step no.1 – take a picture


Step no.2 – show it to Leslie, who remembers every cat that’s come in!
“Oh,” she said, “That’s Moxie – he’s the brother of Samantha and Willy!”

Moxie & Samantha – BC

That was a surprise – the three of them are not alike in any way.  Samantha is a pretty little girl – the sort of cat that the camera loves. She had featured on one of our previous calendars, and I have several beautiful  pictures of her from Michele.


She’s a bit wary, will occasionally allow herself to be touched, but prefers, on the whole, to be left alone.


Willy definitely prefers to be left alone. This shy boy hangs out in the Newcomers area and on its deck. He is sometimes confused with grey Chester, but the latter tends to have the attitude that attack is the best defence (with other cats, at least), and with Willy, attack is the last thing on his mind.



Usually you’ll find Willy hiding behind or under something – which is why it was something of a surprise to find him lying out in the courtyard near his sister.

Willy, Samantha (& Sylar) – BC

Moxie has the typical tuxedo good looks (top-hat, bow-tie and tails) and he’s obviously the favourite of at least one lady – you will often find him in full flirt mode with little tortie Vienna: full-body rubs, head-bonks, tails entwined.


The attraction is obviously mutual.


Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult & Michele Wright