Cat Sanctuary


This photogenic boy was named for Hudson Street in Vancouver where he was trapped.

Stephanie describes the first attempt to bring him in:

“[Lisa and I] were looking for a mother cat and her kittens plus a male. We set the trap the first time and were waiting in our cars facing a laneway. Down strolled Hudson and disappeared into the area where the trap was set. Lisa and I gave each other thumbs up (a little premature). About 5 minutes later, Hudson came strolling back, crossed the road and went up the laneway. The trap didn’t spring.”

The kittens were spotted several houses down in a bushy tree. In the end, RAPS staff managed to get mother and kittens… and eventually Hudson too.

Hudson first came to my notice because he’s not only a striking cat but is very patient with people taking endless pictures of him. When I asked Stephanie what he’s like, she had this to say:

“Hudson is a little shy. However, if you have Temptations treats and squat down, he might want you to pet him first, then he will go for the treats. He has taken them from my hand.”

And would she recommend Hudson for adoption?

“He is a handsome, shy fellow who would do well in a quiet home where he new owners would take the time for Hudson to settle in and warm up to them. I would really miss him but would love for him to be adopted.”

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