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How’s home life, Buster?

Many long-time visitors to the Moore House will remember a large white cat who terrorized intruders on his space.  The story of his adoption by Maureen can be found here, and I asked Maureen to update us on his life as a cat with a home of his own.
Maureen says:
Buster is still a loving, entertaining big ball of white purrrrr. He is at my side every moment I am home and still happily greets me at the door when I come in.

“My mom says I can sit on the kitchen table anytime I want to!”

We eat and play together but Buster is in full control when it comes time to decide what time we go to sleep at night. The purchase of an automatic feeder has helped me with getting some sleep as Buster never seemed to adjust after the first time change once he arrived in my home from the sanctuary.  His 5:00am feeding soon turned into 4:15am and with mom not being a morning person…well, the feeder works!

“Looks like she needs to use the computer…I’ll just nap a little bit longer”

A few challenges came up in 2015 for Buster – the most difficult being dental issues. After a trip to the vet, it was discovered Buster had severe gum disease most likely caused by many broken teeth which had never been tended to. His doctor prescribed medicine and home we went with high hopes and an empty wallet.  Instruction was 3 full syringes before each meal  for 3 weeks.  It took two weeks to realize there was more medicine being sprayed all over my kitchen than in Buster’s mouth – Buster wasn’t buying it. Plan “B” came soon, the doctor decided to remove all of Buster’s teeth. I didn’t want to see him in pain any more. It was a lengthy complicated operation but a huge success. Buster is now toothless and happy! He does of course still have his fangs and incisors to maintain his wild mountain-cat appearance.

Wild mountain-cat experience

Buster’s second challenge was when I decided to go on vacation for 3 weeks. In a perfect cat world Buster would have renewed his passport and come with me but alas, he is a home boy and is only happy surrounded by his smells and his stuff.  My only choice then was to enlist the help of a full time babysitter. Thanks to my nephew Kyle approving to move in with Buster during my absence, everything was going to be okay – so we thought!  I said good-bye to my baby and left him eating some patè and purring.
When Kyle arrived later that evening with his bags – out of the closet came a beast bearing teeth (all 4 of them) and some sharp claws many cat sanctuary people may remember. Kyle having a black belt in martial arts believed he had a chance. I never did find out how long it took Buster to corral Kyle towards the door snarling and snapping at him, but he eventually left – backing out of my place holding two of Buster’s scratch pads against his legs for protection. Buster then spent his first night alone in his home.

Ruler of the Ottoman Empire

The next morning at 4:30am Buster Comforter Extraordinaire Christine shows up to help (Kyle’s mom). Buster allowed her to stay because of course, hunger had set in AND he does not like to be alone.  Success after 48hrs though -a friendship with Kyle was forged through trust, Carbonara sauce and Netflix for the following 3 weeks. Buster even became a pillow lap-cat with Kyle – something he has never done with me.

Otter paws when he thinks nobody is looking

I, of course, received a very cool reception from Buster once arriving home. He nestled up to Kyle when I tried to get him to come to me, sigh. But after a few days we were back to normal.  Buster seems to have a 48hr adjustment thing going on. I am not planning any vacations away from home soon!

Blog & pictures by Maureen LaHaise