Cat Sanctuary


This is Harry:

He can often be found sitting somewhere high up where he can safely nap or peer down at the goings on below. Get too close and he starts looking uncomfortable; keep approaching and he’s likely to scoot away to where he can stare from out of reach. A person could be forgiven for thinking he’s not tame and not trying to push the whole cuddling issue.

In fact, it turns out to be an issue well worth pursuing as our Harry loves to be stroked and will happily reciprocate the affection by ramming his head against whatever part of you is closest.

Harry has been a RAPS cat for a long time. Leslie tells me he was originally named Churchie after Church Street where he was trapped as a feral. A long time favorite of RAPS president Carol, he became tame after being caged for a time due to dental problems. This gave RAPS staff the opportunity to spend time handling him and getting him used to human contact. Now, says Leslie, “he willingly headbutts some of his human friends from atop the cages.”

He does indeed enjoy the attention. Ann demonstrates:







He still likes to peer at me from the top of the cages and he still scoots away if I move too fast, but now I know I’m in for lots of love if I’m just a little bit patient. It really doesn’t take him very long to relax. Last week he even came down to the table where I dish out the food and sat there enjoying the sun – and a pat or three – while I filled the plates.

Updated December 12, 2012: I’m sad to report that our sweet old man Harry finally left us for the Rainbow Bridge this week. He was a one-of-a-kind guy and will be sorely missed.




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