Cat Sanctuary


Harley is one of those cats whose timidity can fool you into thinking he’s not tame. I first met him back in October when I was taking pictures of cats in the back yard. He was willing to let me come close enough to take his picture, but not enough to touch him. And with so many other cats aggressively campaigning for me to pat and pay attention to them, I didn’t push him for more.

The spell of cold weather we had a little while ago lured a lot of the cats who usually stay out back into the warmth of the trailers. And so it was that I looked up from my food and water duties the other night to find this little face peering down at me.

He scooted away the first time I tried approaching him, but after the second we quickly progressed to this–

— and this.

I learned afterward from Leslie that Harley is indeed a friendly cat, though he can be timid with people he doesn’t know well. He’s around 3 years old and is one of 3 siblings who’ve been at the sanctuary since they were kittens.

And the name? Leslie says she “named Harley after another cat that we had years ago. That cat’s name was Harley and he was quite a character. And when this kitten showed up, I thought ‘Oh wow, he looks just like Harley.'”

It also seems that Harley’s becoming less and less timid with people as he spends more time inside. And the more people realize he’s friendly and go spend a little time with him, the better he’ll be.

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