Cat Sanctuary

Happy Endings / New Beginnings

Volunteer Carol Porteous writes:

Reading a recent NEKO file on Autumn (October 13 update) and seeing her beautiful picture in the 2015 calendar (November) I felt inclined to write about “Treat” now renamed Ben. Ben is one of the six kittens that were rescued along with Autumn. There was his brother Trick, Pancake and Waffle, Leif and Ariel.  The last four came in first with their mama, and were joined shortly by Trick and Treat.

Four of the six kittens that came in with Autumn

I was looking to find a companion for my gentle boy Furrbee. I wanted to make sure I chose the right forever friend. When I arrived at the 5 Road Shelter there were many cats all in need of a good loving home. I spent time petting and getting acquainted with all the cats but one caught my eye in particular.  He was being very social head butting all the other cats (weather or not some of them appreciated it!) He was very handsome with an extra long tail and gorgeous markings. He was a little shy but still enjoyed being petted.

Ben aka “Treat”

A day later I returned to the shelter where I asked some questions about “Treat”.  It was recommended he go to a home where there was at least another cat for a companion I felt confident that he would accept Furbee and Furb would like him also. I decided “Treat” would have his forever home.
I was amazed at how quickly Furbee and Ben accepted each other.

Furbee & Ben

They quickly became the dynamic duo bonding together like peanut butter and jam.   It was wonderful to see them sleeping in a giant fur ball on the bed and playing together.

It was at the Shelter while adopting Ben that I learned about the “Sanctuary”.  I had never heard about this place but I was urged to go visit.  So one fine Sunday I dropped in to see what it was all about.
Cats! Cats! Cats!  Everywhere. All shapes and sizes.  Brown ones, black ones, white ones…was I in heaven? I could come here and volunteer?
YES! I am now very privileged and proud to volunteer at the Sanctuary with such an amazing group of people. These caring and special people come together to save so many cats – some with medical issues or so-called “hard to adopt” or other problems – and the RAPS mandate is that every life is worth saving. I knew I had come to the right place. I am especially touched that there is a special place at the Sanctuary for cats with feline leukemia and feline AIDS – a place where these cats can live out their lives in safety and comfort. I believe this to be the “Heart” of the Sanctuary and I am proud that I volunteer with these cats.

Ben has his forever home

So it was my dear Ben who brought me to this “Club Med for cats”. Every time I look into Autumn’s eyes at the Sanctuary I see Bennie’s eyes. The same beautiful shape and color. She knows that her son is safe and happy.
A happy ending for Benny and a happy new beginning for me!

Blog by Carol Porteous.
Photos by Carol Porteous & Debbie Wolanski